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Welcome to First Step 

Embark on a transformative journey with First Step, a proudly Aboriginal-owned business devoted to fostering potential and uplifting lives across the Greater Darwin Region and beyond.


We specialise in offering dynamic Youth Development, Workforce Development, and Community Engagement Services and are committed to enhancing social inclusion and paving pathways for  success. 


Our diverse offerings span immersive camps, wellbeing workshops, culturally attuned mentoring, consultancy services, all designed to empower our participants with resilience, self-confidence, and applicable life skills. Discover the impact of community engagement and cultural enrichment as you take your First Step with us.

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Our mission is to establish lasting connections between community members to promote a sense of belonging, self-determination, positive social connectedness, and purpose to everyday life.

Our Services


Youth Development

At First Step, we partner with various stakeholders, including government entities, community organisations, and businesses, with a mission to enhance employability outcomes and counteract youth disengagement.

We extend our services to young individuals aged between 10 and 18 years, irrespective of their gender or cultural background, and aim to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment.


We are a recognised alternative sentencing and community work provider and deliver alternative education programs in Darwin.


Supported Accommodation

We offer a safe and supportive environment for youth aged 10 to 17, available 24/7. Our services include:

  • Therapeutic support for participants in the youth justice system.

  • A home-like setting addressing at-risk behaviors and restitution.

  • Voluntary participation, empowering youth with choice.


Our aim is to build resilience, foster belonging, encourage self-determination, and promote positive social connections and purpose, all while addressing the factors contributing to recidivism.

For enquiries and referrals, call our dedicated support line at 1800 Bailed (1800 234 533).


Workforce Development

We support businesses, government, and non-government agencies with a holistic range of tailored services and programs, designed to improve the quality of future and prospective employees.


Our team work to co-design services to address recruitment, upskilling, retention, and/or development needs within the workforce through coordination and delivery of training programs, mentoring and/or consultancy services.  


Community Engagement

We deliver services designed to increase social inclusion and prosocial community engagement through: 

  • Camps (incl. cultural emersion, adventure, leadership, self-identity, and/or goal setting). 

  • Social support, sporting, fitness, and wellbeing workshops. 

  • Mentoring and consultancy services.

  • Targeted initiatives incl. community clean up days and lawn maintenance. 

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What We Offer

From youth services to workforce development and community engagement,

we can help.

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