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Programs & Services

From youth services to workforce development and community engagement, we can help.

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"Inspiring people as a first step in leading to generational change"


We deliver services to assist in the: 

  • Development of personal, social, and emotional skills. 

  • Development of employability skills. 

  • Strengthening of learning capabilities and access to educational options. 

  • Career counselling and mentoring support.

  • Development of leadership and teamwork skills. 

  • Development of independence and life skills. 

  • Engagement in prosocial activities within the community. 

We are a recognised Alternative Sentencing and Community Work Provider within the Northern Territory, delivering services to: 

  • Reduce recidivism and at-risk behaviour leading to interactions with the youth justice system. 

  • Improve understanding of impact, consequences, restitution, and restorative practices. 

  • Increase life skills, and cultural connection. 

  • Enhance family capacity and responsibility. 

  • Support re-engagement with education, training, and employment. 

  • Develop self-determination and capacity to make safe decisions.  


As a recognised Flexible Education Provider within the Northern Territory, we:

  • Provide training and employment pathways through life skills, mentoring, kinship, leadership, and cultural connection. 

  • Offer flexible learning pathways for youth to gain skills, experience and qualifications in various vocational education and training areas. 

  • Support quality links to education, project-based learning and work ready opportunities with local businesses and training providers. 



First Step Supported Accommodation Service provides a safe and supportive environment for young people aged 10 to 17.​​

Our service provides a 24 hour, seven day a week service that engages a therapeutic approach to support participants in the youth justice system.

We provide a home-like environment addressing at-risk behaviour, consequences and restitution for each individual. ​​


We provide a voluntary service that gives participants the choice to access our service.


We work in close partnership with Territory Families, Housing and Communities (TFHC) and Department of Education (DoE) to ensure comprehensive support is tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our service is designed to empower our participants with resilience, promote a sense of belonging, self-determination, positive social connectedness, and purpose to everyday life, whilst addressing the risk factors that perpetuate the cycle of recidivism.


Our committed team provides trauma-informed interventions aimed at delivering personalised care that addresses the emotional, social, and educational needs of each individual, promoting overall well-being.

For enquiries and referrals, call our dedicated support line at 1800 Bailed (1800 234 533).


We support businesses, government, and non-government agencies with a holistic range of tailored services and programs, designed to improve the quality of future and prospective employees. 


Our team work to co-design services to address recruitment, upskilling, retention, and/or development needs within the workforce. This can be achieved through coordination and delivery of training programs, mentoring and/or consultancy services.  


Examples of training available include: 

  • Workplace Expectations  

  • Workplace Culture, Values and Ethics  

  • Personal and Professional Development 

  • Money Management  

  • HR Requirements 

  • Developing Healthy Habits 

  • Introduction to Brain Structures and Growth Mindset 

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Diversity and Inclusion (Indigenous Cultural Awareness) 



At First Step, we provide a wide range of services aimed at enhancing social inclusion and fostering prosocial community engagement, including:

  • Camps that offer immersive experiences such as cultural immersion, adventure pursuits, leadership development, self-identity exploration, and goal-setting workshops.

  • Sports, fitness, and wellbeing workshops designed to empower individuals to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

  • Mentoring and consultancy services to businesses, government, and non-government agencies.

  • Encouraging community participation through volunteer opportunities and soliciting donations to support local causes.

  • Launching targeted initiatives like community clean-up days and lawn maintenance services, promoting environmental awareness and community participation.

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